Our Story

How did it all start?

My first professional job out of Tulane University was as an auditor with a CPA firm.  Part of the audit procedures is to interview management so that you understand the business.  As I was going through my checklist I sensed the client was getting annoyed. The client interrupted and said, “This is all well and good but how can you save me on taxes.”  I was caught off guard and said that there was a tax department at the firm that can help him.  After that, I never wanted to be in a position where I could not answer affirmatively.

I then ran across the CFP certification.  The CFP certification was what could help me fully understand all aspects of personal finance and then I could answer the questions clients would have.  I then embarked on the study of personal finance.

Fast forward 40 years and here I am.  I have studied, researched and practiced personal finance for myself and my clients.  I have run across many situations and have come up with creative solutions to everyday issues that individual experience.  Then, with the development of the Internet, blogging is an industry.

I now want to share and impart what I know and what I have experienced so that my readers will benefit, be enlightened and make better decisions.  Personal finance is unique in that no situation can be applied to everyone in the same way.  Personal finance needs to be personalized.  My hope is that we can embark on a learning experience that you can take past lessons and apply them currently to improve your future.


John W. Hurley, CPA, CFP